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Our Services - Leaving Certificate

CAO application procedure

We will help you understand the CAO process and how best to maximise your choices.  Many students are unsure of the options available to them within CAO and therefore make poor decisions.

You may need to address some of the following questions:

- Do you understand the implications of the order of preference?

- Are you aware of the importance of following the course not the college?

- Do you understand the routes to degrees available through the level 7/6 options?

- Are you aware of indirect entries to your first choice course?

- Are you aware of what’s on offer abroad?

Study Skills and Examination Techniques

We show you how best to utilise your time in school.  We’ll help you to set your goals, identify your learning style, establish good note-taking/revision techniques, develop effective time management, deal with stress and how to fine tune your examination skills.

Career Profiling

Choosing a course of study after Leaving Cert can be a daunting task.  There are thousands of courses to choose from and huge economic and social pressures on students to “get it right”.  Our qualified professionals will help you to make the best choices.  We use a number of career assessments to assist you in choosing courses, colleges and careers that meet your “best fit”.  Knowing your aptitudes, interests, values and personality are important in guiding you towards your most suitable career areas.


When you identify what you want, the next step is to commit to goals.  Getting where you want can be a journey that requires various levels of commitment. We’ll help you explore the pros and cons of the various paths open to you.  We’ll help you to commit to the one that best meets your needs.


How you get there may not always be straightforward.  We help you explore options and provide information on the most suitable routes for you to reach your goals.

Career Guidance for the 21st Century

Save months of useless searching!


Maeve Moloney

M.Sc., B.A., B.Comm., H.Dip.Ed.

H.Dip. Career Guidance Hons (UCD)

Institute of Career Guidance Counsellors

British Psychological Society Approved


Co. Galway

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