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Our Services - Junior Cert and Transition Year

Transition Year (TY)

Transition Year is a valuable time for you to explore and experience career areas that you find attractive.  However, you first need to thoroughly research various areas so that your time expended is effort worthwhile.  We will help your research and evaluate your subsequent potential career choices to ensure compatibility.

Suitable Careers

We will guide you towards appropriate informed career and personal choices based on your interests, values, aptitudes and personality.  This will lead to the best work placements.  In our experience, many students who enter work placements in an informed way have found it reinforced their commitment to a given goal and subsequently helped them make the best subject choice for Leaving Cert.

Identifying Subject Gaps

Another vital way our personal profiling can help you at the TY level is by identifying key “subject gaps”.  Many of our clients have used the TY to introduce new subjects not included in their Junior Cert study but required for their chosen career/course.  Recognising this deficit in time enabled them select critical modules at the start of the year which brought them to the senior level standard.

Subject Choice for Leaving Certificate

Our career assessments will help you choose the subjects that are most suited to your career objectives.  These will be identified by an assessment of your abilities, interests and profile.

Most Suitable Career Areas

We will guide you towards making appropriate informed career and personal choices.  Our tests will heighten your level of self-awareness which in turn helps with your choices.

Leaving Cert

Choosing the Leaving Cert that best suits you can be difficult.  There is a lot of misinformation  on requirements and many students and parents are afraid that the wrong choice will cut off vital routes for them.  We’ll explain and help you choose from:
 - Regular Leaving Certificate,
 - Leaving Certificate Vocational Applied (LCVP), and
 - Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA).

Study Skills

We introduce you to the latest study and writing techniques.  Moreover, we give you tips on applying them to examinations.


We show you how to efficiently use the critical activities necessary to successfully prepare for your examinations.  Among these are: time and stress management; listening, note taking and concentration; and reading textbooks.

Career Guidance for the 21st Century

Save months of useless searching!


Maeve Moloney

M.Sc., B.A., B.Comm., H.Dip.Ed.

H.Dip. Career Guidance Hons (UCD)

Institute of Career Guidance Counsellors

British Psychological Society Approved


Co. Galway

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